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I’m an experienced yoga teacher with 450 hours training and 500+ hours teaching experience.

Mathilde is the founder and facilitator of Yoganest Portugal. Quiet and contemplative by nature, when she started practicing yoga 10 years ago, Mathilde found not only a fulfilling lifestyle but also her genuine means of self-expression. Soon after, she completed a 200-hour Yoga Alliance teacher training and moved to Portugal to live a life more in accordance with her personality: slow, gentle, and inspired by caring towards oneself, others, and the planet.


Mathilde completed recently another 250 hours of training, thus having a total of 450 hours of training and 500+ hours of teaching experience.


On the mat, Mathilde is a generous and dedicated teacher with a sense of calm, care and positivity that makes everyone in the room feel welcome and comfortable. As she understands that everyone is different, she invites you to explore and listen to your body and mind during your practice. Her classes are an invitation to mindfully challenge yourself as well as deeply soothe your body.


Mathilde teaches strong Vinyasa and Power yoga, as well as more gentle and nurturing practices such as slow Hatha and Yin yoga. She is also a certified kids and family yoga teacher.

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