I offer online classes (on donation) every Sunday, Thursday & Friday at 9:30 am. If you'd like to join, just contact me.

    I also offer outdoor classes and workshops in Lisbon on a regular basis. To be informed, please contact me, subscribe to my newsletter or follow my social networks.


    I am also a certified and experienced kids/family yoga teacher. My classes are designed to promote physical activity, refine coordination and boost self-esteem. Since children learn through play, I incorporate a lot of funny games and original music. Family classes are also available, to offer you and your child bonding experience.


    On top of releasing tensions and helping manage stress, yoga in the workplace develops concentration and creativity, improves interpersonal relationships and enhances satisfaction, motivation, and ethics within the company. I offer to bring yoga to your office in the form of regular classes, wellness days or workshops tailored to your needs.


    In a quiet one-to-one setting, sessions can be weekly, monthly or available to you as a short course. They are bespoke to your individual needs whether that is fully break down the postures, learn modifications for any personal condition or cultivate a home practice.

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